Postgraduate Application Support

Where next? A postgraduate degree is more important than ever to secure a top job. We can start you on that path.

Postgraduate application support

Applying for a Master's degree or PhD can be the perfect way to get that all important competitive edge in the job market. Or to further your current career or even help you to change direction completely.

Postgraduate study is very rewarding and challenging, requiring a great deal more independence in both learning and formulating your ideas and arguments. To ensure your success in securing the right postgraduate degree, it is essential that you submit an excellent postgraduate application, within the deadline for Master's applications at the university you choose. We are here to help.

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The options for postgraduate study are diverse. At Master's level you can chose degrees that have a large taught element (MSc or MA), research focused ones (MRes or MPhil) or more vocationally focused (MBA). Even PhDs now have evolved to provide different study options. Globally there are countless courses to choose from. With our postgraduate application support we ensure you are able to navigate the process with confidence and success.​ Submitting a winning application before the postgraduate application deadline.

Once you have identified your course getting your postgraduate application just right is paramount to your success at this level. We can support you at every stage to make that happen.​

Please do watch my video which explains a little about my postgraduate journey.

We have produced some great resources to help you to submit a winning application.

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Applying for Master's ​degree

Whatever stage you are at, we can step in and offer you the support that you need.​

  • Make the right choice: We can help identify the right Master's degree for you ensuring it is meets the needs of your future academic pathway or career.​
  • Secure your place: Our experienced team will consult with you throughout the process so you can be confident of producing a successful application. ​
  • Ongoing support: Academic support and mentoring as and when you need it is available to you throughout your postgraduate studies.​

How to apply for a Master's degree

Most Master's degree courses start in September with some courses having start dates in January or April. If you are wondering when to apply for Master's degree, the deadline for Master's application vary. You can usually apply throughout the year. The most popular courses do fill up fast so it is import you apply as early as possible.

You can find out more specific information by clicking on the boxes or if you are looking for Master's application help please do contact us to find out more.

We have produced some great resources to help you find the best Masters pathway.

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Statement of academic purpose

Arsen obtained an offer from the University of Oxford for an MPhil in Russian and East European Studies. His excellent writing and research skills as well as his experience in working for an NGO in Armenia were key to his success. Below Arsen shares his top tips for producing a winning academic statement of purpose.

In this video Arsen gives his top tips for a winning academic statement of purpose. These include:

  • Really understand your academic interest by doing lots of research
  • Make sure you read about different groups at the university and cite them in your academic statement of purpose
  • More than 50% of your statement of academic purpose should be your research proposal with the rest including your prior experiences and career goals

Applying for a PhD​

You may be in the early stages of considering a PhD or indeed already in the process of undertaking your research. Whatever your starting point, the commitment, focus and flexibility needed for study at this level is significant. We are here to help.​

  • Choose your pathway: We offer support for applications for advertised posts as well as the development of research proposals and the process of identifying a suitable research group and supervisor.​
  • Succeed in your research: Our doctorate level advisers understand the challenges that you may face and can help you to build the confidence needed to fulfil your ambitions.​


Postgraduate application deadlines for PhDs will all be different. For advertised PhDs the deadlines will be clear. If you are submitting your own proposal you can do this any time.

We have produced some great resources to help you find the best PhD pathway.

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Amy Garden


MSc in Clinical Psychology at Royal Holloway

We helped Amy to secure her place at Royal Holloway.

Liz is absolutely brilliant, she is an encouraging lady that you can go to with any question

Since completing her Master's degree we have helped Amy develop her cv further for internship and PhD applications.

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