Study in Canada & the USA

The USA and Canada have a huge choice of both world leading universities and more vocational pathways.

Study in Canada and the USA

Study and Work in Canada and the USA

Study in Canada for international students

Canada has some great universities that are highly ranked, offering a wide range of degree courses. The opportunity to study and work in Canada is growing in popularity for many reasons. Canadian degrees are often price competitive compared to the USA, starting from around £15,000 per year. There are a range of universities for city lovers and for those who prefer a rural location. If you are considering the option to apply to university in Canada, the cost of living is also affordable compared to many other top destinations for international students. In addition, Canada is an ethnically diverse, cosmopolitan and safe country to live in, making study in Canada for international students particularly appealing.

Canadian universities are also world renowned for the quality of their research and the high standards of teaching.

After graduation

Canada operates a work study permit system, allowing students to both study and work in Canada for up to 20 hours a week during the academic calendar when you are a student there. Furthermore, if you want to stay after completing your degree Canada is one of the most pro-active countries in supporting talented people to stay. For international students post-graduation work permits provide students with an opportunity to work in Canada once they have graduated for up to three years.

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How to study in Canada - which university should I go to?

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Study in the US for international students?

If you are looking to study in the USA, as the number one destination for international students you will not be alone. US universities welcome more international students each year than any other country. This is largely due to the excellent standard of education, with 5 of the top 10 universities in the world. This means there a thousands of institutions and degree programmes to choose from. These can range from a relatively small private US university or community college to huge state supported university campuses. Community colleges can be a cheaper way of starting your education in the US, with two plus two option. The first two years at a community college gain you an associate degree and if your grades are high enough, you can transfer to your final two years at a university to gain a full degree. With all the facilities the students need for both study in the USA and leisure activities.









Your chosen US University will require you to take general education or core classes, in your first years of study. This provides a well-rounded education as well as giving more time to consider the subject you will major in. This is different to many other countries where you specialise from day one.

A further differentiator to consider when thinking about the option to study in USA  is a focus on students obtaining internships during their studies, providing hands-on experience and improving  employability. Finally America has a lot to offer during your holidays with iconic; cities, cultural attractions and national parks.

US university study costs

Studying in USA can be expensive. For example, fees for graduate programmes at Ivy League universities can be in excess of £70,000. Some universities and community colleges have average costs of studying in the US comparable with the UK and Australia. Furthermore the cost of living is generally lower than many other overseas destinations. With this in mind, a US university can offer a globally respected degree.








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