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Ireland offers a great, affordable education in one of Europe's most dynamic economies.


Universities in Ireland for international students

Study in Ireland

With a world renowned range of universities in Ireland for international students. It provides a safe and welcoming culture, making Ireland is becoming an increasingly popular location to study and continue your education. With many top universities in Ireland, there are a wide range of degree courses on offer and study opportunities.

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Why study at university in Ireland?

The popularity of universities in Ireland for international students is growing every year. There are many reasons for this. We have summarised the top reasons below:

Ireland is a safe, friendly and welcoming place

Taking first and second place, Galway and Dublin were recently voted Europe's friendliest cities. With over 35,000 international students at universities in Ireland from 160 countries, studying in Ireland will be a truly multicultural experience.

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World class universities

Top universities in Ireland continually do very well at an international level, so it is not surprise that universities in Ireland are a popular choice for international students from around the world.

Great value education

Universities in Ireland for international students from the EU, EEA, Britain, and Switzerland, have heavily subsidised fees from the Irish government. International fees also remain highly competitive amongst other locations such as UK, USA and Canada.

Long and rich history and culture and stunning scenery

Ireland has a long and fascinating history which can be seen in the building, museums, literature, film and music. Exploring Ireland's culture and stunning national scenery is a big draw for international students.

Fun place to study

Ireland is the only nation in the world to have a musical instrument as its national symbol. Festivals and fun are at the heart of Irish culture.

Lots of career options

The Irish economy is one of the fastest growing in Europe and is ranked one of the most competitive in the world. With Irish stay back visas providing the opportunity to start your career after graduating. Studying in Ireland provides a fantastic first step to a fulfilling career.

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Top universities in Ireland for international students

Higher education in Ireland is separated into 3 types of institution:

  • Universities
  • Institutes of Technology
  • Colleges of Education


Ireland has 9 public universities, 9 Institutes of Technology and 11 Colleges which provide specialist education in areas such as medicine, art and business.

The five top universities in Ireland are all ranked in the world top 450. You can find out more about these below:

Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin is Ireland's oldest university having been established in 1592. This is the most well-known and prestigious university in Ireland for international students. Trinity College offers a wide range of courses and a unique university experience similar to that of Oxford and Cambridge in the UK.  With more affordable fees than most of the other top universities in the world Trinity College Dublin is a very popular choice making getting a place here highly competitive. This means your university application must stand out from the crowd.

University College Dublin

University College Dublin is ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide and is one of Europe's leading research institutions. Located in Dublin with a campus surrounded by a parkland estate it is not surprise that University College Dublin is the most popular university in Ireland for international students.

National University of Ireland, Galway

The National University of Ireland, Galway is another top university in Ireland which is recognised for its excellence in teaching. This university offers are range of specialist courses so is very popular with students who are looking to do a degree with a clear career path.

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University college cork

University College Cork

Based in the Southern part of Ireland in the lively city of Cork, University College Cork offers over 120 degrees. This university is well recognised for its wider variety of student societies and clubs as well as being the first university in the world to be awarded the international Green Flag for environmental friendliness.

Dublin City University

When compared to the historic universities above, Dublin City University is young, established in 1975, yet it still ranks as one of the top universities in Ireland. The university offers a range of world class facilities, including 'the Helix', an arts venue with several performance spaces.

We can help you navigate the many course options available at top universities in Ireland.

How do I apply to universities in Ireland?


Students from the EU, EEA, Britain and Switzerland

If you plan to enrol in full-time undergraduate studies (this is known as first cycle in Ireland) at a public university or college, you will have to submit your application for up to 10 courses through the Central Applications Office (CAO). The CAO does not take the decision on whether you will be admitted to the study programme you applied for. Instead, the CAO facilitates the application process by collecting student data through a centralised system. We have helped with lots of CAO applications to universities in Ireland for EU students. So please do contact us to see how we can help.

Students from outside the EU, EEA, Britain and Switzerland and all graduate students

If you are a non-EU student and you are applying for either undergraduate (first cycle) or graduate studies (second and third cycle), or you are an EU student applying for graduate programmes (second and third cycle), you have to send your application directly to the institution where you would like to enrol. We will help you apply online to top universities in Ireland, through the institution website or using the institutions application form, providing all the necessary support to submit a winning application.

Application deadlines for universities in Ireland

The deadline for submitting your Irish university application to the CAO is the 1st of February each year. Don't wait until then though as the CAO require hard copies of you documents to arrive with them a week before this deadline. If you miss the CAO deadline don't panic, we can help you apply through the CAO late application service which is open until the 1st of May.

Our advice is to contact us as soon as you can.

For direct applications deadlines will vary between institution and many will accept applications thought the year. The best advice we can give, especially if you are applying to top universities in Ireland, is to speak with us as soon as you can and to try and get your application in as soon as possible.

How much does it cost to study in Ireland?

If you are a student from the EU, EEA, Britain or Switzerland tuition fees in Ireland are low with the Irish government covering much of the cost. Most universities charge around 3,000 Euros a year. Top universities in Ireland such as Trinity College charge around 6,000 Euros.

Tuition fees for international students are more expensive but still less than many courses in destinations such as the UK, Canada and the US. They range between 9,750 to 20,000 Euros per year for most degree courses depending on where you study. Fees for medicine are higher though starting at 45,000 Euros a year.

On average, annual living and subsistence costs will be between 6,000 and 11,000 Euro's depending on your accommodation and lifestyle. Places in halls of residence, either on campus or nearby are provided by most universities in Ireland for international students. Some students choose to rent privately through a shared let in a house or flat. It is possible to work part-time to help support your living costs whilst studying at university in Ireland.

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What are the university language requirements?

If you are looking to study at one of the top universities in Ireland and English is not your first language you will need to demonstrate a grasp of the English language to secure your place.

You will need to be able to write, speak and understand English well. The minimum standard that universities require is an IELTS score of 6 to 6.5.

If you don't yet meet this level, you don't need to worry there are lots of accredited language schools across Ireland who run courses to meet all proficiency levels. Many universities in Ireland for international students also run English pre-sessional courses which is a language course that will then lead directly on to your chosen degree course. This can be a great language pathway to give you piece of mind.

After graduation - Ireland stay back Visa information

Many students are attracted to study at top universities in Ireland because the stay back visa system provides the time to make that all important first step on the career ladder.

Ireland offers a 24 month 'stay back option' for international postgraduate students. If you study at a postgraduate level in Ireland you can apply to stay for up to 24 months to work and then apply for an extension of your work permit.

The system for undergraduate students is similar, but they are allowed to stay and work for 12 months rather than the 24 months for postgraduate students.

Ireland business

This provides a fantastic opportunity as Ireland is a European hub for many multinational companies and hosts new innovative start-up companies across many areas of technology, science and business. The Bloomberg Innovation Index has ranked Ireland as the 16th most innovative country in the world. Providing employment routes through graduate schemes as well as numerous opportunities to be part of a new rapidly growing business.

We can help you navigate this next step on your journey ensuring that you are able to further your career in Ireland after completing your studies.

We can help you to understand all the requirements to study in Ireland. For a free consultation to discuss your options please do contact us now.

Help and support for international students to study in Ireland

Choosing from the wide variety of universities in Ireland for international students, and then ensuring you submit the best possible application, can be a daunting process. We have helped many students to navigate this process and successfully secure places at the top universities in Ireland.

We will help you all the way through the process from choosing your courses and universities and then though each step of the application process, whether through the CAO system or as a direct application.

If you're interested in studying at one of the top universities Ireland we can help you navigate the university application process, ensuring you make the right choice of university course and location. Please contact us to speak to one of our advisers.