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We can support your application for admission to a range of undergraduate degree courses at universities around the world. The options really are endless. We have a wealth of knowledge gained from our work with universities across the globe. Our support provides the insight and practical tools needed to navigate the application process from beginning to end.

We can help you to consider which countries would be most suited to you. Both from a personal and academic perspective. With our expertise, you can be confident of submitting the very best application.

Application for undergraduate admission

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Specialist advice and support

Comprehensive university application support service

Studying for your undergraduate degree in a new country offers you the chance to consider things from another perspective. It is also a valuable learning experience. As the world gets smaller, with improved infrastructure and technology, it has never been easier to realise your ambitions of studying abroad.

With all this choice, application systems and entrance requirements, applying for uni can seem a daunting process. We are here to ensure you navigate the right path through this huge variety of options and will help you submit the best possible application to the university and course that is right for you.

During our comprehensive university application, we will help you with your two main tasks:


Making the right choice

Your choice of course and university is one of the most important decisions you will make. With the huge amount of choice out there, applying for uni is a daunting prospect for everyone, so you are not alone.

The great news is that our academic mentors have many years of experience of speaking to students in your position. We are committed to taking the time with you to discuss your options in detail, considering all of questions you should consider when making your decision of what and where to study. If you want to find out more take a look at our page which university.

Whether you have a good idea of what and where you want to study, or are just looking for some specific advice on entry requirements or university life in your chosen institution, we can help you. Or don't worry if you are undecided about what or where you want to study we can help you to make the best choice for you.

Submit a winning application

Our one-to-one university application support service provides bespoke help from our expert advisers. We will work with you with enthusiasm and dedication.

We will guide you through each stage of your application for undergraduate admission. Working with you to understand your strengths and increase your confidence. Ensuring you submit an application form for undergraduate admission which highlights your unique skills and character and gives you the very best chance of success.

Our help will be specific to your requirements, however, the main stages we will help you with during your application are:

  • University and course  research aligned to your academic ability and personal requirements (including ensuring courses meet future career aspirations)
  • Personal statement development and guidance - including discussing existing and future work experience
  • Application support, ensuring that everything is correct and in place
  • Ensuring your grades are appropriately translated into the university system, ensuring all your hard work is recognised.
  • Help in obtaining suitable references
  • Mentoring sessions throughout the process

We have produced some great resources to help you to submit a winning application.

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Undergraduate application pathways

We work with students from around the world with very diverse educational backgrounds. Often students are concerned about applying to uni because they are worried that their qualifications are wrong, they don't have the English language skills or that their grades will not meet the university entry requirements.

If you have any of these concerns please don't worry as there are lots of university pathways you can take to secure your place at a great university. There are lots of options we can explore but two of the most common routes we can take you on are:

  • University foundation year- These programmes are for students who don't quite meet the entry requirements. They usually undertaken on the university campus at an international college and will provide you with the knowledge and academic skills to move straight onto your chosen degree course once completed.


  • Pre-sessional English course Pre-sessional English courses range from 6 - 24 weeks and are specifically designed to bring your English language up to the required standard if you don't quite make the language entry requirements. Like a foundation year, a  course is usually undertaken on campus and will lead directly onto your undergraduate degree.


We have produced some great resources to help you decide what the best university pathway for you.

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Top university application support

Whether you are considering going to Oxbridge, an Ivy League university or another top university, competition for places gets harder every year. However, if you have top grades and are committed to the challenge of studying at one of the world's best universities, a great application will give you the best chance of securing your place.

We will help you at each step of the undergraduate admissions process. This will include all the steps from our comprehensive service as well as a number of additional requirements including:

  • Interview - All top universities will require you to undertake an interview. Don't worry, it won't be like you might have seen on TV, they will be nice but preparation is essential
  • Submission of written work - This is usually in the form of an essay
  • Admissions tests - Nearly all courses at top universities will have some type of admissions test. These can be tough and usually test much more than just your subject knowledge. As with the interview preparation is essential and we are here to help


As with Medicine and Dentistry courses, due to the additional requirements, most top universities have earlier closing dates for applications so the sooner you speak to us about your plans the better.

Medicine and dentistry application support

Medicine and dentistry are two of the most competitive degrees, with all courses having many more applicants than there are places each year. Help with your application for undergraduate admission can really improve your chances of securing a place. As with applications to top universities, there are more stages in addition to those outlined above in our comprehensive application support service. In the case of Medicine and Dentistry, all courses will require you to undertake an interview.

The other really important requirement to secure your place is to demonstrate your passion and commitment to study Medicine or Dentistry. The main way to do this is to ensure you have done as much work experience as possible and outline this clearly in your personal statement and when you have your interview. Medicine entrance exams are also required for many countries and are often quite challenging so getting lots of practice is really important.

The cost of studying Medicine and Dentistry varies a lot. For example, the UK and USA offer a world class education but they have very high tuition fees in excess of $50,000 per year. Other countries in Europe and around the world are cheaper, but studying Medicine or Dentistry is still a big financial commitment wherever you study. It is therefore important that you give yourself the best chance of success. Our specialist university application support for Medicine and Dentistry will give you the best possible start.

You can find out more about applying to study Medicine and Dentistry here.

Art and design university application support

A successful application for an art and design degree requires not just an academic ability and a great personal statement, your portfolio of work is as, if not more important, in securing your place at a great university. Many universities require you to complete an art and design foundation before starting on a full degree course. This can be really beneficial if you don't have a well-developed body of work or if you are not quite sure which degree route in the arts you would like to take.

There is a lot to consider. We can work through all the different course options and pathways to find the best university and course for you. We also have a dedicated specialist arts mentor who will work with you to produce a portfolio of work that stands out from the crowd. Don't worry if you don't have a lot of work, or you have lots but don't know how best to present it, we are here to help.

A great art and design application takes time, so if you are looking at applying for uni to study the arts please do contact us as soon as you can. You can read more in our art and design page.

If you are looking to apply for a specialist course for a free consultation contact us now.

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Help writing a personal statement

As more students from around the world are applying for uni, you will need to show more than just your academic ability to secure your place on your undergraduate degree of choice. This means your personal statement is more important than ever.

We have many years of experience in ensuring that our students produce winning personal statements. We will work with you to draw out all your experiences and passion for your subject, to ensure you produce a compelling personal statement. This may be a part of one of our above services above or you may just be looking for a few hours support to to just help with your personal statement. Either way we are here to help.

In the meantime you can find out more on our personal statement page.

Interview preparation

Many top universities and specialist courses such as medicine will require you to undertake an interview as a part of your university application process. If you need to have an interview, our university application support and advice will help you with every aspect of your interview, giving you the very best chance of success.

We understand that your university interview can be a daunting prospect, but don't worry. With the right preparation you can prepare and succeed. We can help you know what to expect so you can be well prepared for the day. There are also some great resources on the internet as well as more information on our undergraduate interview tips page.

Visas and healthcare

If you are studying as an international student you will need to get a student visa. Every country will have different requirements but there are a few things you will need where you study. These include:

  • An offer of a university place


  • Proof of finance - for most countries you need to show a bank statement that you (or your parents) have enough money for 1 year of fees and living costs


  • Identity documents such as your passport


Visas have very different restrictions with regards to your ability to work part time during your degree and to find a job after you graduate. For example, the UK student visa allows you to work for 20 hours a week during your studies and then to stay in the UK for 2 years after you graduate to find a job.

Demonstrating you have adequate health care insurance is also a part of most visa requirements. The good news is it is usually not as expensive as you might think. Taking the UK as an example again, it costs less than £500 to have access to their world class healthcare system.

University accommodation

Finding a place to live where you will feel happy during your studies is really important. The good news is that nearly all universities provide student accommodation or halls of residence. This can be a great option as it will allow you to make lots of new friends and settle into university life. If university accommodation isn't right for you there are lots of other options to explore

The important thing is that you get in touch early for undergraduate admission support, so we can help you to get an offer. This will ensure you get your university accommodation in plenty of time. You can find out more on our university accommodation page.

There is lots to do so call us now and we can help.

Get a head start on your application for Uni

Whilst there is now a wider choice of undergraduate degrees than ever, places are becoming increasingly competitive. Standing out from the crowd is no longer about just getting the required grades. For some degrees such as medicine, prior work experience is often essential.

Many students chose to take a short or a longer break to gain a new experience. This allows them to stand out from the crowd prior to undertaking their studies. Uni Direct works with a range of organisations around the world that offer internshipsvolunteering and study experience placements.

We can help you consider options to gain new skills, and ensure you start university with the confidence to succeed.


Seb Belcher


BEng Renewable Energy Engineering University of Exeter

We helped Seb to transfer to the second year of the BEng degree course in renewable energy engineering at the University of Exeter.

Because of the support I received I got into the university of my choice - I'm not sure this would have happened had I not had their help

We caught up with Seb and you can listen to his story below:

More case studies here.

If you are looking to start your application for undergraduate admission please contact us and speak to one of our expert advisors to find out more.